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Happy Birthday to the multi-talented Jim Byrnes on September 22nd! He is promoting yet another fundraiser in his own unique way during Vancouver's Word on the Street festival on the 27th.

Steel guitar collector, musician and columnist Alex Varty will kick off a performance by legendary bluesman Jim Byrnes playing the Voyageur, a marvelous “storied” guitar assembled from 64 pieces of Canadian history and profiled in Jowi Taylor’s new book, Six String Nation. Taylor will present the guitar and his amazing quest to bring an object “made from hockey sticks and canoe paddles and grain elevators and baseboards and boats and antlers” to as many Canadians as possible and to have it played by as many Canadians as possible. Byrnes, an actor, songwriter and Juno Award-winning musician, plays more than 150 dates a year in North America and Europe and his latest CD, My Walking Stick, is an exciting cross-pollination of gospel, blues, rockabilly and country. Don’t miss this exciting, quintessentially Canadian event!

Story found on The Strait
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