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Interview with Jim Byrnes regarding homelessness in Vancouver. Shot during the filming of the Give A Dollar, Give A Damn campaign.

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Happy Birthday to the multi-talented Jim Byrnes on September 22nd! He is promoting yet another fundraiser in his own unique way during Vancouver's Word on the Street festival on the 27th.

A 'storied' guitar, the Voyageur, plays an important part. )

Story found on The Strait
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Blues & Chili Festival
Sunday the 20th of September
Abbott Street

Gastown’s best chefs face off in a chili competition and local blues musicians, headlined by Jim Byrnes, set the mood for a fun day in Vancouver’s coolest ‘hood. Proceeds go to Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.

Hot chili and cool blues, now that's a fundraiser!

(reposted from the Metro Mix of Six)
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Parkinson's Resources of Oregon

A good friend of many of us in Highlander fandom, methos_fan, has been dealing with PD for awhile now. It's though. One of the best pills for the spirit is to fight back by helping raise funds, in this case for "the non-clinical needs of people with Parkinson's disease and their loved ones. Your gift helps ensure that those suffering with Parkinson's disease will always have a place to turn for information and support." On the 27th her team will be participating in the Portland area walkathon. They are approaching their goal. If you can help boost them over their mark here is the link:

Sole support for Parkinson's 2009
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As Jim Byrnes wrapped up his weekly streamed radio show, he reminded us of the new video posted up on the Shore 104 promoting the VAMS Music Saves Video Project. The Vancouver Adapted Music Society works to provide musical self-development, addresses issues of access for musicians, and promotes quality of life through all facets of composing, playing and listening.

It's a fine video, melding many Vancouver voices...all you have to give is a listen...

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RAINN, the organization that runs a Hotline for rape, abuse and incest survivors is coming up on one of their major fundraisers, a marathon
Blogathon and signups end tomorrow. Even if you miss the signup, consider supporting a blogger.

RAINN has had a long and strong relationship with fandom through the Sweet Charity auctions. A recent mention of the RAINN hotline on the television show DeGrassi High brought a flood of phone calls into their phone lines. According to their most recent newsletter, "...Following the airing of the episode, "Jane Says," calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline increased 500%..."

RAINN. 800.656.HOPE
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The biggest problem with the subject line above, is, Jim Byrnes plays so _many_ benefits month to month and year to year, it's hard to keep up with him! Jim doesn't stand up for one charity, he plays for dozens. Upcoming just this next week: the BC Disabled Games fundraiser at the Golden Ears Winter Club July 24th .

And this July 22nd he is opening a free concert on the roof of the Bathhouse in English Bay to kick off the HSBC fireworks display with Steve Dawson and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings! The best part about this date? It's going to be streamed live by the Shore 104.

So, no excuses not to give a listen. I'll even be skipping Deadliest Catch for this one. Honest.

Jim at the Edmonton festival last summer, with Steve Dawson.
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This Community is for promoting our favorite shows and our favorite causes, all in one. In the spirit of full disclosure, Highlander is this mod's core fandom, so causes that fall under the Highlander wing get first posting. How about this nice pair to draw to?

Adrian Paul and Peter Wingfield, working hard at a charity auction at HLWW9

Adrian has also provided a place for fans to get together and create their own goals to work on new healthy lifestyles, and promote PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid Children Everywhere). Interested in losing pounds for PEACE? Check out this link to the PEACE page. The PEACE umbrella is networking with many cool projects worldwide.

Peter Wingfield has been working with fans for many years to raise funds for Project Edan up at the Peter Wingfield Fan Club. Peter is currently training for the New York Marathon to raise funds for the 25,000-->zero UNICEF campaign. See the video! Read the training blog! Visit the site, and imagine 26 things you can accomplish in the Marathon Challenge! 26 miles on your bike? 26 laps around the office cubicle? 26 Methosian drabbles? 26 paragraphs in that long-lost wip? 26 icons? Let your Imagination go wild!
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