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"Doing Well By Doing Good" (Tom Lehrer) !

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Website:Featured Website: Peter Wingfield's Marathon Drive
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Community description:Fandom is generous. This is a place to link to fan-related fundraisers, challenges and exchanges.
Do you know about a fan activity supporting a good cause? Have you pledged five drabbles for five bucks (or five shekels, or five silver talents?) It is my fondest hope that you link your story/drabble/comment fic/icon/ or other fanac of your choice here, for much mutual preening and enjoyment. Are you stair-stepping for PEACE? Marathoning for PWFC? Rowing for rainforests? Share your arnica-soothed agonies here, and dare others to do the same!

This community is a place for fans who want to share links to non-profit fan-related fundraisers, rally to report on progress in personal or community challenges, and provide a forum for cross-fandom philanthropy. There are _almost_ no limits--keep it non-profit, imagineer a link to fans or fandom, and if you are writing Pr0n for Philfanthropes, please link with appropriate warnings. No rps or rpf, por favor.

This site is not for the collection of money! It is for the sharing of information about fan related philanthropic enterprises, a place to issue alerts, announcements, and accomplishments, and post links about projects or progress in a group drive or an individual endeavor. Want to start a head-to-head ficathon between Highlander and Due South? Winner takes the pledges? Get creative. Healthy competition between fandoms is encouraged.

Moderator's disclaimer: Highlander is my own 'anchor' fandom, and I do lead my links list with the strong and solid fundraising efforts conducted over many years by many of the actors from the Highlander series. I have contributed to these worthy causes, and will continue to do so in the future. However, all fandoms and fans are welcome to promote activities and links supporting valid non-profit philanthropic enterprises and endeavors.

What this community is not: It is not for personal or business profit. Please feel free to report to me any links that may not honestly represent their motives or means.

The object here is to have fun, link up, and maybe do a little good on the side.

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